Alec Josephson

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Alec for almost 10 years. He is an expert in economic impact analysis and the IMPLAN model. His regional quantitative research is brilliant and has positioned HIT staff to lead discussions with local and regional policymakers in Detroit, New York, Boston, and elsewhere.”

– Sondra Albert, Chief Economist, AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust

Alec Josephson has over 25 years of economic consulting experience and founded Pinnacle Economics in 2013. Alec specializes in economic and fiscal impact analysis, and has directed, conducted, and/or authored well over 500 impact projects. He brings to impact analyses a solid understanding of the input-output modeling framework, the IMPLAN economic impact modeling software, and the economic context within which specific impacts occur.

Alec is among the earliest adopters of the IMPLAN modeling software, and has been using IMPLAN since 1995. He has developed cutting edge analytical techniques to quantify the economic and fiscal impacts across a broad range of applications. Alec is an expert at developing custom production or expenditure functions (called “analysis by parts”) for unique industries and projects that are not defined by generic industries or spending patterns; identifying potential counterfactual spending scenarios to measure both gross and net impacts; measuring important geographic spillover effects using multi-regional, input-output modeling techniques (“MRIO”); and augmenting the IMPLAN model econometrically or with additional data to isolate and quantify impacts on union trades, minority and women-owned businesses (“M&WBE”), small businesses, state and local taxing jurisdictions, business location decisions, and more.

At Pinnacle, every project embraces Alec’s commitment to teamwork and cooperation, honesty and accuracy, and hard work. As they have for years, clients will continue to value Alec’s hard-earned reputation for high-quality products delivered on time and within budget; his commitment to objective, unbiased analyses; and his ability to communicate complex issues clearly and convincingly to a wide range of audiences.

In addition to his consulting work, Alec has over 25 years of college-level teaching experience and has taught a wide range of lower and upper division economics courses, including the principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics, economic history, energy economics, environmental economics, and applied microeconomic theory.